Concrete Mixes: Handy Range

Our Handy Range

At Handy Concrete we also have the Handy Range, a selection of our own mixes for all purposes.

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Choose from our Handy Range

Handy Found

Handy Found 1 is specially designed for foundations for house, domestic garage, conservatory and wall foundations. Handy Found 2 is for reinforced foundations and finally Handy Found 1 or 2 plus is designed to provide easier placement of your concrete by using admixtures to make concrete flow.

Handy Floor

Handy Floor range is designed for all types of floors from conservatory to heavy industrial.

We also offer Handy Floor plus for easier placement by using admixtures to make concrete flow.

Handy Farm

Handy Farm 1 for livestock floors and cubicle sheds.

Handy Farm 2 for slurry, grain and fertiliser stores.

Handy Farm 3 for silage clamps, pits and buildings.

Handy Pave

Handy Pave 1 is designed for domestic driveways, parking & footpaths.

Handy Pave 2 is heavy duty yards, parking & driveways.

Also available...

Handy Foam

Designed for filling voids and road trench reinstatement.

Handy XHD

Designed for specific heavy duty or high early strength requirements.

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