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At Handy Concrete (Cumbria) Ltd, your local readymix concrete company, we offer a full range of our own mixes. These are designed for all purposes.

General Information

The information below has been taken from BS8500 and we hope this will assist you in finding the correct mix & workability required for your project, if you have any other questions you can email us or call any of the numbers on our contact page, alternatively you can choose a mix from our Handy Range which may pouring the concrete easier for you.

FOUNDATIONS Designated Concrete Consistence Class
Blinding and Mass Fill Gen1 S3
Strip Footings Gen1 S3
Mass Concrete Foundations Gen1 S3
Trench Fill Foundations Gen1 S3
Foundations in Sulphate Conditions Seek Technical Advice
PAVING Designated Concrete Consistence Class
Drives, Domestic Paving & Parking PAV1 S2
Heavy Duty Drives & Parking PAV2 S2
Handy Concrete Concrete Mixer
GENERAL APPLICATIONS Designated Concrete Consistence Class
Kerb Bedding or Backing Gen1 or ST1 S1
Drainage Works Gen1 or ST2 S1
Oversite below Suspended Slabs Gen1 or ST2 S2-S3
FLOORS Designated Concrete Consistence Class
House Floors (no embedded metals) Gen1 or ST2 S3
House Floors (no permanent finish) Gen2 or ST3 S3
Garage Floors (no embedded metals) Gen3 or ST4 S3
House/Garage (containing embedded metals) RC25/30 or ST5 S3

Please note: Where customers have mixes specified by drawings or plans then those mixes must be used.

Providing readymix concrete throughout
Cumbria and Southwest Scotland

If you need a concrete company you can trust to provide real quality call Myles on 07884 363 009 or contact one of our plants directly.

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