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Designated Concrete for Agricultural Use

Designated concretes are quality assured designed concretes that conform to a specification detailed in BS 8500 - 2: Concrete -Complementary British Standard to
BS EN 206 -Part 2: Specification for constituent materials and concrete.

Recommended Compact Method

Typical Application Slump Class Designated Concrete Hand Vibration
Livestock Floors RC28/35 S3 S2
Stable Floors RC35/45 S3 S2
Crop Store Floors RC28/35 S3 S2
Floors (and Walls) for Silage RC30/37 S3 S2
Sugar Beet Storage Ideas RC32/40(A) S3 S2
Workshop Floors & Floors subject to small-wheeled Forklift Trucks RC32/40 S3 S2
Brewers' Grain Stores RC35/45 S3 S2
Mushroom Sheds RC32/40 S3 S2
Toppings for Floors such as Parlours & Dairies RC35/45(B) S2 S2
Floors (and Walls) for Manure & Slurry Stores RC30/37 S3 S2
External Yards and Roads subject even to occasional de-icing salts PAV2 S3 S2

A) Where the concrete is subject to even occasional de-icing salts, designated concrete PAV2 is recommended.

B) Take extra care to ensure full compaction of the fresh concrete and proper curing for at least several days.


Please note: Where customers have mixes specified by drawings or plans then those mixes must be used.

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